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Refund policy

Jun 23, 2024 4 min read

This document sets out the standard refund, cancellations and booking adjustment policies of ‘The Luxè Week Limited’, a company registered in the United Kingdom with the number 11526566 whose registered address is 40 Bloomsbury Way, Lower Ground Floor London, WC1A 2SE


Any payment made towards booking your place on a Luxè Week is non-refundable by TLW.  Although circumstances change, any payment received from you is immediately used to secure your space in the villa and other activities you will participate in during the Luxè Week.

These financial obligations mean that TLW is unfortunately unable to offer a refund in any circumstance.

Should your circumstances change and you have no choice but to cancel your booking, you must inform TLW in writing as soon as possible. Your booking will not be cancelled until TLW receives your notice of cancellation in writing i.e., via email to Your cancellation will not be confirmed until you have received confirmation in writing from us.

To make any changes to your booking, email TLW reserves the right to charge an admin fee of $100 to make any adjustments to a booking.

The following is applicable to all ongoing and upcoming Luxè Week Trips:

Any tickets purchased will be fully refundable for a 24-hour period after the initial purchase date. Any cancellations made after the 24-hour cancellation period will no longer be eligible for a refund or Credit Voucher for the total value of any payments made. If there is a difference in costs i.e., an increase in price between the original trip or date(s) selected by the customer and the new chosen trip or date(s), then TLW reserves the right to charge the customer for this difference in price to make the change. Conversely, if the new trip or date(s) is cheaper than the original trip or date(s) that was booked by the customer, they will lose out on the difference paid and TLW reserves the right to retain those funds in order to successfully make the change. This applies to all trips.


In order to successfully claim a Refund, Credit Voucher or Trip/Date change, cancellations must be made within the 24-hour cancellation period of the initial purchase date for applicable trips. Any cancellation(s) made after these timeframes will not be applicable for a full refund, credit voucher or trip/date change.

If a customer has no choice but to cancel, they will lose any sums paid alongside their spot on the trip and also not be entitled to a trip/date change or Credit Voucher for future trips.

Refunds shall be made to the payment card used for the original payment within 30 days after the cancellation has been confirmed.


Guests who are eligible for Credit Voucher(s) will receive their voucher immediately via email once their cancellation has been confirmed. The value of the Credit Voucher will be the total sum of any monies paid by the guest for their trip. If the guest opted to use a payment plan, then the Credit Voucher will also include the remaining balance of their payment plan. This will have to be paid off once they have confirmed a new week/trip to join and Luxè Week has approved the new week/trip change.

If a customer has no choice but to request trip or date change, these changes will remain under the discretion of The Luxè Week. Your change will not be confirmed until you have received confirmation in writing from us.

In order to redeem the voucher or request a trip/date change, guests must email with the new week/trip they would like to join and the change will only be valid once you have received confirmation in writing from us.

Please note that if TLW has approved the joining of a new week/trip, due to seasonal price differences trip costs may change. Due to this, if a guest opts to join a new week or trip where package prices are higher than their original trip plan, they will have to pay the difference in order to join the trip.

TLW reserves the right to refuse entry into a week or trip if there are no longer any spaces available on that week. Additionally, any requests for trip/date changes made less than 60 days prior to the original travel date, will not be considered and will not be eligible for a credit voucher nor a trip/date change, resulting in a non-refundable ticket.


TLW will strive to avoid cancellations, however, sometimes they are unavoidable and TLW will reserve the right to do so when it sees fit. In this event, TLW will notify you of any cancellations as soon as possible before departure and you will have the choice to:

1) accept the cancellation and altered arrangements,

2) book alternative arrangements from TLW of a similar standard to the original booking if available

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