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May 04, 2020 2 min read

We want to create the holiday experience of a lifetime. To us this consists of 3 things:
1. A packed itinerary of fun, adventurous and exciting events every single day.
2. A luxurious setting… does it get much better than a premium 5+ bed villa in Bali?
3. Amazing people from every corner of the planet!
To connect travellers worldwide:
The opportunity to share Gateways villas portfolio of luxury villas with likeminded people from around the world is an amazing way to enjoy a luxury travel experience and make new friends in such an easy and fun way. To us the best part of travelling is the people you meet along the way. When joining Luxe Week you can guarantee that you’ll meet new friends and become part of the ever growing Luxe Week family.
Give people the chance to stay in a crazy villa:

If you want to book one of Bali’s craziest villas you need to have a group of at least 6+. Organising this, as we all know, can take forever and plans usually fall through. Not naming any names, but we all know those people who say they want to book, but when it comes to actually booking they leave the group chat quicker than they said they were down to book ;) With Luxe Week you can come as a solo traveller, in a pair or even a group if you want, opening the luxury villa experience to more people than ever before...yay!

To give you the best possible experience of Bali!

Being Luxe Week, we’ve partnered with all of the must visit places and venues to ensure that you have an unrivalled time whilst in Bali. We really don’t hold back. From sunset at Finn’s VIP beach club, to multiple to pool parties, to a whole day on a private yacht snorkelling, exploring and partying, oh yeah and how could we forget our exclusive Luxe Week villa party to end!! These are just a few highlights of what really is the greatest week of your life.

You’re picturing yourself in Bali already right?

There’s a reason everyone is coming to Bali at the moment, it really is one of, if not the greatest place on Earth. But Luxe Weekers are having an experience of Bali like no one else. Don’t miss out, book your place today!

We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon x

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