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February 24, 2020 2 min read

What Makes the Luxè Week so social?
Luxe week is very much the most social holiday anyone experience in Bali. In this blog, I will demonstrate how The Luxe Week connects people from around the world for the luxury holiday experience of a lifetime.
Stay in a luxury villa!
Staying in a villa provides a very social atmosphere with different communal areas to chill out, eat, and hangout. Staying in one of our villas is an extremely comfortable and luxurious experience, with premium services like maid service and a private villa chef, you get the opportunity to see and feel the high life. Unlike a boring hotel or hostel, our villas our designed to give you that touch of luxury.
Make memories together
Our experiences and the memories we create are what connects us, that’s why the Luxe Week was designed to create as many memories as possible. Ones you’ve landed, settled in and got to know your villa mates it’s time to start our first event! We set off too Finns Beach club (the world’s best beach club) where the party begins. Feel like a true VIP as Luxe Weekers get to enjoy the one and only exclusive upper platform at Finns Beach Club.
The activities don’t stop there, The Luxe Week is packed with many activities. Party together; dine together; explore together; surf together; snorkel together; yacht party together, massages together; yoga together; and make memories together. You can find each days activities here.
Don’t waste time
Why come to Bali by yourself when you can come as a Luxe Weeker and make friends that will last a lifetime! Tickets are limited, so don’t waste time book now and secure your space today.

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