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September 11, 2020 2 min read

With everything happening due to COVID-19 around the world and with signs of a second spike developing, we wanted to give you the latest update in our position on this.

In July, Bali officially announced that they would open its borders once again and that the ban on international tourism would officially be lifted on the 11th September 2020. However, this has now been delayed until the end of 2020

This swift decision-making has allowed Bali to handle the pandemic exceptionally well and so far it has one of the highest recovery rates in the world. 

We care greatly about the wellbeing and health of our guests, so we strongly feel that the Balinese authorities have made the best move on this. Rather than opening up the borders to soon, this move will allow Bali to continue its success in halting the spread of the virus and mean that things can go back to normal in 2021.

As it stands we are still waiting to see how the next few months develop, to assess when we will be releasing our new weeks for 2021. We have our fingers crossed, that governments around the world will continue to implement the correct health and safety procedures around the world so that we can get back to travelling and having fun sooner rather than later!

When you are finally able to join us in Bali every health precaution will be taken to ensure your safety in the form of social distancing measures, masks, hand sanitizers and more so that you can focus on having the best time ever!

We'd like to thank every single one of you for your continued support and patience during these tough times and we are excited to be welcoming you back next year!

Please rest assured that, every Credit Voucher and Flexible Ticket issued this year is valid for 2021 - so once the pandemic is finally declared over you'll be able to join us in Bali for the best Post-Covid party ever!

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