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Yes! No matter who you are or what you’re into Bali has something for everyone! If you like the finer things in life, food, fitness, partying, adventure or even meeting cool people - Bali is the place to be without a doubt!

Luxury Travel

Bali has always been a destination that invokes the imagination of dreamers. The mere dropping of the name ‘Bali’ invites images of stunning white sand beaches, surreal sunsets and luscious green rice fields. Appropriately named the ‘Island of Gods’, Bali is paradise and everyone including the rich and famous are fast catching on into the incredible beauty this nirvana has to offer. Over the past few years the pace of development in Bali has been relentless. It is now home not to just amazing natural scenery but also some of the most breath-taking properties, beach-clubs, restaurants and resorts in the world!

With a seemingly endless amount of astonishing 5* luxury villas to choose from, it is no wonder that so many A-list celebrities such as The Kardashians, The Beckhams, Tom Holland, John Legend, Vanessa Hudgens and so on are all choosing Bali as their annual tropical getaway. In line with the increasing number of high-profile luxury travellers coming to Bali each year, new Beach Clubs have opened up to provide premium experiences. From Finns VIP Beach Club, Potato Head, and Café Del Mar located in Canggu/Seminyak to Omnia, Ulu Cliffhouse and Sunday’s Beach Club located in Uluwatu – wherever you decide to go in Bali you’ll have plenty of bougie places to visit and enjoy a nice cocktail. That’s not to mention other incredible venues such as The Lawn, La Brisa, Ku De Ta the list goes on…

Simply put if you enjoy the finer things in life, then Bali is the place to be. With villas that will blow your mind away, restaurants with impeccable food, beach clubs with superior service, Bali will be sure to give you the luxury holiday you deserve. 

Health and fitness

Bali is health and wellness hotbed which attracts travellers from all over the globe. From yogi’s and gym-lovers to surfers, Bali is perfect for anyone who loves to take part in physical activity and spirituality.

Yoga: With the inherent spiritual culture that Bali is centred on due to its Hindu roots, the island attracts the some of the most renowned Yogi’s in the world. The unique energy the island provides combined with the beautiful scenery creates the perfect environment to connect with yourself and surroundings.

Ubud, Bali’s cultural hub, is arguably the best location in Bali for Yogi’s! It’s wide variety of ancient temples, rice paddy fields and rainforests create a beautiful Zen-like atmosphere. Everyone you’ll meet here is super friendly and relaxed! However, although Ubud may be the best spot for yoga I need to re-iterate that it’s also very popular in other locations such as Canggu or Seminyak. For serious practitioners, Northern Bali may be an even better environment for you as its largely untouched by tourists and gives you that truly authentic Balinese experience. With over 600 yoga retreats in Bali, you’ll be sure to find a retreat perfect for you.

Fitness: The fitness scene in Bali is another which has gained immense popularity over time. Whether you’re into Powerlifting, CrossFit, Functional Fitness or just traditional weightlifting there is a spot for everyone. With a wide range of top of the line gyms available you are sure to be well taken care of! In fact, one of Canggu’s most popular gyms Body Factory even has a Recovery Centre! Fitted with ice-baths, a sauna, swimming pool and even a jacuzzi it’s the perfect spot to rejuvenate after a hard workout or even a heavy night of partying! ;)

If you’re into other sports, with plenty of open parks and fields there is loads you can do! For example, one Bali’s most popular beach clubs, Finns hosts a weekly football tournament! While other venues organise weekly futsal or volleyball tournaments. If you’re into tennis that is available too – with specialist athletic centres such as Liga Tennis providing the perfect space to get your Rafa Nadal on! So basically what we’re trying to say is that no matter what sport you’re into – Bali has you covered!

Surfing: If you’re a seasoned surfer, or just want to try it out, Bali has waves catering for all abilities. Known as one of the best surf spots in the world, due to the incredible waves and breath-taking scenery that accompanies every surf break - Bali is a surfer’s paradise! It can be surfed all year round and has a thriving surf culture! Some of the favourite spots among surfers include stunning locations such as Padang Padang, Dreamland and Bingin in Uluwatu. However, you’re also blessed with amazing waves in Canggu and Seminyak, while Kuta offers the perfect spot to learn for beginners. If you’re the adventurous type then a trip down to Northern Bali, to places like Medewi will be right up your street – offering incredible waves and a nice isolated retreat!


Our favourite thing about Bali is the food. With an incredible mix of influences from Western to local, Bali has such a wide variety of flavours available we can guarantee that throughout your time here you’ll fall in love with a restaurant or cafe. If you’re looking for some of the best burgers, pizza or pasta you’ve ever had then you won’t be disappointed with places like Nude, Milk & Madu, Penny Lane and Luigi’s cooking up an absolute storm! While, if you are looking to expand your horizons and try out some of the more local food you can visit traditional Indonesian Warung’s which serve up some fantastic Indonesian dishes such as Nasi or Mie Goreng. A few of our favourite Indonesian restaurants are Merah Putih and Ulekan which both provide a 5* Fine Dining experience.

Partying in Bali is like no other, there are so many awesome venues to pick from regardless – so if you are a party animal you will be sure to find the perfect party for you. During the day you can visit lively beach clubs such as Finns, Café Del Mar, Tropicola and Potatohead in Canggu/Seminyak or if you fancy a trip down to Uluwatu you can visit Omnia or Ulu Cliffhouse. All of these beach clubs provide a fantastic luxury experience, with great music and awesome vibes. If that’s not enough then by night, there is tons of places to go out to. Some of the most popular spots are Mexicola, La Favela, Shishi and The Forge in Seminyak. While places such as Luigi’s, Old Mans, The Lawn, Sandbar and La Brisa are extremely popular places in Canggu. One thing is for sure though, a visit to any of these venues will be sure to leave you with a hangover to deal with the next days, but you know as the saying goes “the best way to beat a hangover is to keep on drinking!” ;)

For those who don’t like to party with alcohol, conscious partying may be the go-to. Often labelled ecstatic dancing, these events do not encourage alcohol use. Instead, everyone drops their ego at the entrance and goes wild once the music begins.

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