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October 02, 2020 6 min read

1. It’s outside of your comfort zone 

bali rice field


Travelling requires us to leave order, and move towards the unexplored. Travelling is discovering the depths of the unknown. How deep you go is up to you. 

It can get easy and comfortable staying in the same location for a long period of time, after all, humans are creatures of habit. Breaking that habit can be difficult, but, one of the most rewarding experiences life can offer. 

Travelling will push you out of your comfort zone as: 

  1. No one speaks your language
  2. No one knows who you are
  3. You must be in control of yourself

Pushing these comfort barriers will not only be fun and memorable, but they will also help develop you as a person, teach you new skills, and boost your confidence. Some people never get to experience the exhilarant nature of travelling and keep exploring the same place because it’s more comfortable. 

2. Exit the daily routine

Eat, sleep, work, repeat. Sound familiar? 


Our daily lives usually take on a very predictable path leaving little room for excitement. 

Travelling is the best tool to consciously break the daily routine and bring spark back into your life.

When life gets too repetitive, we run the risk of getting burned out, losing motivation, and even becoming depressed. Before you know it the years have past and you're still in the same place. 

To avoid this, a great tip is to plan trips in advance. Organising trips ahead of time has many benefits. 

  1. It gives you something to look forward to
  2. It increases the likelihood of you travelling
  3. You can benefit from cheaper flights and deals

 Tip: Plan trips ahead of time and space them out throughout the year

3. Travel is an advanced form of education


Whilst everyone else is learning about that cool place or location in their school books or just looking at pictures of it on social media, you can go see, experience, and feel it for yourself. 

Learning about a cool new place whilst you are actually in it, will not only leave everlasting lasting memories, but will also provide detailed insight which cannot be matched otherwise. 

Learning about a culture emerged in their traditions and way of living will give you an inside perspective like no other. 

Develop your skills, experience new cultures and broaden your horizons all in one trip.

Remember, you always level up at the end of your trip. Facts! 

4. Meet people and hear their stories

Despite society being more connected than ever before, travelling provides the perfect opportunity to expand and grow your circle of friends. 

Everyone whilst travelling actively wants to meet new people from around the world, share cool moments and make memories together. 

This makes the environment perfectly optimised for this type of goal. 

You can learn from people's stories and insight through non-superficial relationships, bonded by your unique individualities and experiences.

5 .You're exposed to new ideas

One trip can completely change your world view. 

People fear the unknown or what they don't know. 

This is especially true today as the media tends to portray the worst in people, or only one side. 

Just because someone has a different background to you whether that be race, religion or sexuality it doesn’t mean that you will be unable to relate or connect with them. Our differences are at the very core of what makes us human.

Travelling exposes you to a different way of life, a different way of living. As you mingle with locals, and other tourists from around the world, you’ll be exposed to new ideas from a very different perspective. This will only expand your outlook on life. 

6. Travelling boosts your independence 

A big goal in life is to be self-sufficient. There’s nothing that boosts confidence like knowing that your own set of tools is enough to keep you going in life. 

Sometimes our parents can be overprotective and not allow us to experience the hardships of life, they do this out of pure love and care. 

But to escape the feeling of this protective bubble wrap, travelling is a great solution. 

7. Try international foods

Life is too short to eat the same foods everyday. With such a diverse range of cultures around the world, there are 1000s of new tastes and flavours out there for you to experience!

Some would argue that in our modern time, we can eat whatever food we want whenever we want. Like eating a Pad Thai in London. Don't be fooled! While trying out international cuisines at your home location is awesome, experiencing food in the country of origin cannot be replicated.

Food is an extraordinary sensory experience. You're literally inviting the part of a new environment into your body. Go out there and experience authentic cuisine!

8. Travel makes you realize how small we are

A lack of travelling makes us feel as if the world is limited to our immediate environment. 

A lack of travel is like having blinders.

A lack of travelling leaves too much room for ignorance.

When we voyage into the unknown, and start swiping the pages of this book we call Earth, we are confronted with a very humbling experience. 

The world is full of information and experiences that you would die not knowing had you not travelled there. 

Imagine owning a 1000 page novel filled with pages that are packed with joy, adventure and new experiences but you decide to only read the first page? That’s what not travelling is like.

9. Travelling reduces stress

“A life without travel is like being kept in a cage. You're not living, you're just being kept alive”

Life’s very complicated and often enforces too much pressure on us. With over 80% of people feeling stressed, the race and hectic nature of life can really take its toll on our wellbeing. 

When we travel, we break the routine cycle of life. This gives us time to recharge our mental and physical batteries. 

Returning home, you’ll feel like a completely different person. More positive, happy, and content. 

Being de-stressed can help boost your productivity helping you become even more successful and achieving your true potential. 

10. Memories are all we have. Fill them with travel!

Freedom to travel is the measurement of success. 

One who has enjoyed travel, will have a positive reflection on a life well spent upon reaching the golden age. 

It might sound cynical, but we’re all going to die. Guaranteed. Although in modern standards, the amount of money you have in the bank is often held as the key measure of "success", if you've never taken the opportunity to explore or truly see the world you were born into then have you ever lived? On our deathbed all we’ll have is our memories.

When it's all said and done, do you want to look back on the long hours you spent at work or do you want to look back on the amazing moments you spent with family, friends, exploring and enjoying everything this beautiful world has to offer? The choice is yours.

What is the Luxè Week? 

Firstly, thanks for reading this blog. We hope that you’re feeling inspired to go and explore!

The Luxè Week is a travel company offering the ultimate travel experience in Bali. We connect like-minded travellers from around the world and offer the opportunity to share a super villa, live the luxurious holiday of a lifetime, and make memories with new friends that last forever. 

Our mission is to provide you the vacation that will change your life for the better. 

Why not check us out here :)

Happy travelling :) 


*Bali COVID-19 Update*

Currently, the Balinese government has closed access to Bali for foreign tourists. While such measures are necessary for the safety of the locals, we cannot ignore that 80% of Bali’s economy is from tourism. We hope that Bali will reopen as soon as possible so that we can get back to doing what we do best, changing lives one week at a time. As it stands the Balinese government has indicated that its borders will open sometime in early 2021 although they haven't given a specific date as of yet.

Rest assured though, that as soon as those borders open we'll be back doing what we love and delivering you the ultimate travel experience of a lifetime!

In the meantime, you can benefit from our flexible ticket options. Flexible tickets guarantee you a spot on any future Luxè Week of your choice. Flexible tickets also give you something to look forward to, get motivated for and feel excited about!

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