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If you’re someone who wants to live a fulfilled life and believes in making memories that you’ll be happy to look back at, then you’ve probably decided that solo travelling is something you want to experience. 

  1. So you’ve researched the benefits of solo travelling, 
  2. Read solo travelling blogs, 
  3. And watched solo traveling videos.

Only good so far right?


Solo Travelling doesn’t come without its drawbacks. And nobody talks about them! 

Here are the 5 biggest problems with the backpacking/solo travelling lifestyle. 


Sharing a room cramped with a bunch of rusty bunk beds with strangers isn’t the ideal travel experience for most. You could literally be sharing a room with anyone. While hostels do offer great deals, what they offer in price they often lack in areas such as hygiene, service and experience. 


If you're staying in hostels you’ll probably be limited to a backpack where you’ll have to fit all your holiday items. If you’re anything like me, I like to over pack a little with all my favourite bikinis and cutest outfits because who knows what mood I’ll be in when deciding what to wear. 


A holiday is a time to let go, relax, and live in the moment. Unfortunately, the standard solo travelling experience is far from the desired princess, (or prince) treatment. The reality is, you’ll have to get everything done yourself including chores. 


Sharing a room with strangers who you have no control over picking is a big risk in itself, but on top of that, if anything unexpected happens on your holiday (which usually does), you’ll be completely alone. For example if you hurt yourself. (Unpleasant to think about but a reality).


The idea of going somewhere completely new solo and trying to meet people can be difficult to grasp, especially if you're a little shy. Will you get on with the people you meet? Will they want to do the things you want to do? Or will you even meet any new people in the first place? Experiencing new memories with people you value is what makes them so great. Without friends, memories would be not as valuable. So leaving this up to chance is sometimes a risky move.

Turned off by solo travelling yet?


There is a solution...

Is it possible to solo travel with a bit more luxury?

When travelling solo, everywhere you stay, everything you do, you must pay for all by yourself. If you want to stay in a luxury villa for example, you’ll have to pay for it all yourself. Furthermore, if you book a whole villa to yourself, you’ll probably feel lonely and waste money. 

1000s of traveller are picking The Luxè Week...Here’s why

The Luxe Week offers the ultimate luxury holiday for solo travellers and groups. The holiday of your dreams, perfectly curated with surprises along every step of the way. The kind of trip that will make you want to capture photos every step of the way. 

The Luxè Week was carefully planned and designed to connect travellers from around the world and literally give the ultimate, unmatchable experience. 

The Luxe Week changed the solo travel game forever! 

  • No more hostels! 
  • From the moment you step out the airport, your chauffeur will escort you to your 5* villa. All Luxè Week villas are carefully selected boasting jaw dropping views, fantastic social areas, and staff including security and maid service. Hygiene is very important to us, so all villas will be disinfected before arrival and include sanitisation stations located on entry to stay covid safe. 

  • Bring your suitcase, or two 🤷‍♀️
  • Luxè Week villas are very spacious and offer ample space to unpack. Fill the cupboards with your favourite outfits and the tables with makeup and grooming kits. Whatever you want! On holiday you shouldn’t feel limited with what you bring. 

  • You are a true VIP and that’s how you should be treated. FACTS!
  • Chauffeurs, villa staff, chefs, 24/7 call line, holiday hosts and much more. The whole Luxè Week crew is happy to be at your service at any moment. Holidays are a very special time where you should be letting go of reality and recharging your emotional and mental batteries. We understand how much of a positive impact a great holiday can have on one's life which is why we’re dedicated to helping you live the week of your dreams. 

  • Feel Safe Solo Travelling
  • Travelling is a positive experience where you should feel safe at all times. Here at The Luxè Week we have placed safety on top of our priority list. Despite Bali having a positive reputation with safety, we have placed precautionary measures including chauffeurs to and from every event, 24/7 call line you can contact at any time, villa security, staff at all Luxè Week events and more. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have also placed sanitisation stations at entry for all our villas, and measure temperatures before entering the villa. 

  • Meet the right people in the right place. Simple. 
  • Of course a holiday would not be successful if you don’t spend it with awesome friends. For the most enjoyable experience, we wanted to make sure that you share a villa with like-minded travellers. That’s why we created our Luxè Week questionnaire designed to help us match you with friends from around the world who share similar interests and holiday expectations. You can be sure that your villa will be filled with like-minded travellers on your vibe, so you can find your tribe! Plus, through villa games, daily activities and parties that will literally have you amazed, you’ll develop a deep connection and have lasting friends from around the world. 

    No other experience even comes close! 

    Currently, the Luxè Week is located in Bali, a stunning island in Indonesia full of excitement and adventure. So if you want to create everlasting memories, on an unforgettable week that will literally change your life forever, definitely check out our website here.


    Bali COVID-19 update

    Currently, the Balinese government has closed access to Bali for foreign tourists. While such measures are necessary for the safety of the locals, we cannot ignore that 80% of Bali’s economy is from tourism. We hope that Bali will reopen as soon as possible so that we can get back to doing what we do best, changing lives one week at a time. As it stands the Balinese government has indicated that its borders will open sometime in early 2021 although they haven't given a specific date as of yet.

    Rest assured though, that as soon as those borders open we'll be back doing what we love and delivering you the ultimate travel experience of a lifetime!

    In the meantime, you can benefit from our flexible ticket options. Flexible tickets guarantee you a spot on any future Luxè Week of your choice. Flexible tickets also give you something to look forward to, get motivated for and feel excited about!

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