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December 10, 2019 2 min read

Partying in Bali with The Luxe Week guarantees you will have the ultimate experience in the best week of your life. Each carefully planned day is packed with Luxe Week perks such as discounts at the best restaurants, exclusive venue access, and much more.

However, if you’re not rolling with the Luxe Week crew, finding the best places to go each day can be a hit and miss. This guide will provide a partying timetable for Canggu, Bali. Following this guide will ensure your time here will be epic.

Monday – Luigis

Home of the best Pizza in Indonesia and exotic cocktails, Luigis is an Italian style restaurant and also a party hotspot. Perhaps the best combination to exist (partying and pizza), one must check out this venue in person to truly experience the unique vibes it has to offer. Pro tip! 5-7 pm is happy hour, this means you can enjoy half price on selected pizza and cocktails 🍹

Tuesday – Tropicola

Getting busy around 4 pm, Tropicola is the place to spend your Tuesday afternoon. Party by the pool, hang out on the sunbeds, or shake away on the dance floor. The DJs are great and usually play a mix of house tunes and techno 🎧

Wednesday – Old Mans

Canggu’s iconic venue Old Mans is lively every night of the week, however, Wednesday is the busiest. 5-6 pm is happy hour (2 for 1 on drinks) followed with a huge round of beer pong. Winners of the competition are awarded with exciting giveaways. A stage is built just for this day making Wednesdays even more special.

Thursday - Pretty poison

Pretty poison uniquely features a skating bowl right in the middle. Enjoy a beer or your favorite cocktail whilst watching skaters try their newest tricks. Pretty poison gets busy around 5:30 but closes at midnight, making this venue the ultimate pre-drink spot 🍻

Friday - Everywhere

Get your groove on as every venue on Fridays will be lit 🔥

Saturday – Alternative Beach

Alternative beach is the pool party to be at on a Saturday. A great venue with a diving platform, water slide, sunbeds, swim-up bar, restaurant, and free-flowing shots. What more could you want? The chilled out social atmosphere Alternative beach provides makes this spot perfect for meeting new people 🤙

Sunday – Rest day

On Sunday, expect a more chilled vibe from venues. Utilise this day to recharge for the following week ahead.

The Luxe Week

If you want to ensure you’re at the coolest spots with exclusive VIP perks, then be sure to check out what The Luxe Week has to offer 😎

Luxe Week provides the opportunity to share a super luxury villa with like-minded individuals whilst experiencing Bali at its best. Enjoy exclusive Luxe Week member perks such as VIP clubbing experience, discounts on food and drinks, free massages.

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