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September 18, 2019 3 min read

Bali is a tropical paradise renowned for its fantastic surf - with many travellers often travelling to Bali for the surf alone! The Bukit Peninsula on the South coast of this luxurious island provides a somewhat daunting challenge for even the world's most experienced surfers. With serious reef breaks and greater curls, surfing around the Peninsula is only for those with experience, compared to more popular beginner areas such as Kuta and Legian.
On Day 5 of The Luxe Week you have the option of taking surf lessons, so if after the lessons you find a new passion for the waves or discover your inner Kelly Slater (one of the best surfers ever!) check out the best places to surf in Bali:
For Beginners:
This stunning beach is named Dreamland for a reason. Not only is it the perfect place to start your surfing journey, but also has a thriving social scene - a great place to meet other beginner surfers. Located on the Bukit Peninsula in Uluwatu, it is the only non reef break in the area. Lots of Balinese locals come here to practise their wave riding, flaunting their skills on what appears to be the perfect wave to learn on. Whilst it does offer a great place to learn and meet locals with experience, this wave can pack a punch if not respected properly ;)
Kuta Beach:
Probably the most popular location for beginners looking to learn to surf, due to its gentile gradient Kuta Beach offers unbroken white waves, ideal for newbies to the sport. Even in shallow water, here white water can run for a considerable distance. It has to be mentioned that Kuta is the hub of all tourism in Bali and can often get very crowded. Whilst it is a large beach, if you are the type of person who wants to learn in quiet with a lot of space around them, then Kuta Beach might not be the place for you.
For Intermediates:
Toro Toro:
If you’ve surfed before or have already been to all the beginner spots and want to advance, first on your hit-list has to be Toro Toro! Goofy and regular footers have no issues here with the wave being an A frame breaking from both the left and right. Many experienced surfers say the right hander wave is the most fun to ride in Bali. With an easy take off, concentration just needs to be on making the first section. The rest of the wave is very long and enjoyable, a great way to practise your cutbacks.
Keramas beach:
Keramas beach is located passed Sanur, in the direction of Gianyar. Once a secret hide away for avid surfers, its has quickly become one of Bali’s hotspots for intermediate surfers. Offering excellent reefback and one of the few rights on Bali, Keramas is one for the early risers. Promising constant waves and a big swell, however, after 7AM, yes AM, the onshore wind can affect the barrel. So make sure you get here as early as possible! Sea Urchins are something to be wary of in the end section as it can get quite shallow, along with sharp reefs. But this shouldn't stop you from visiting a much less crowded beach with world class waves.
Experienced Surfers:
If you are an experienced surfer who likes a challenge and a thrill, the Impossibles might just be for you. Be warned that these waves have not received the name impossible for no reason. Often reaching heights of 5ft and being very fast, they are known to challenge even the best of surfers. Located in between Bingin and Padang Padang, ‘Impossible’ offers three takeoff zones. The first is located by Padang Padang. The two others are accessible from the spots midsection, where you will get long and powerful swells with consistent barrels to enjoy. The challenging surf and search for your spot are all rewarded with the joy of beating the impossibles, with a picturesque panorama of its stunning beach and irregular rock formations.
Overall Bali is a fantastic destination for all types of surfers. Its many beaches provide waves for all difficulty levels. On The Luxe Week be sure to take advantage of the lessons and have a go! The week is all about creating new memories, meeting new people and having the luxury holiday of a lifetime so visiting Bali’s best beaches and learning a new skill is a great way of making sure you have an unforgettable experience!

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