April 22, 2020 1 min read

1. Your villa Buddies share the same travel goals
The Luxe Week is a week long adventure in Bali, committing to such a journey on this tropical island creates an instant bond. Sharing a super luxury villa will not only make you feel like a queen/king but will also teach you how to adjust and understand each other. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses, the villa is a great environment to develop them all.
2. Sorry Not sorry
Splashing your friend jumping into the pool or eating that last slice of pizza. Moments like this call for an apology. Living together offers plenty of room for mistakes to occur. However, with challenges like this, there is room for an opportunity to grow and forgive each other.
3. Back in the game
If you’re travelling as a couple, the Luxe Week is a great to deepen your relationship. If you’re single, even better! You’ll have met the best wing woman and/or wingman to vet your dates.
4. Insta Life
A memory lasts a while. A photo lasts forever. At the Luxe Week, we didn’t want you to rely on your friends’ blurry shaky photos. Our professional Luxe Week photographer will ensure plentiful Instagram worthy pictures are capture on each event.

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