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January 31, 2021 2 min read

For many of us, 2020 passed by without us being able to tick off any of the adventures we had planned. So with summer just around the corner. Ah yes, sweet summer. Remember what it feels like? Sunshine, blue skies and smiles. We’re bringing all of that back and more in 2021 to give you the best week of your life!

Maybe you’ve been procrastinating about your next holiday away in the sun, holding an ice cold Pina Colada on Bali’s beaches with an extra shot of rum of course ;) or dancing the night away at Finns Beach Club. The Luxè Week is your ticket for your perfect summer getaway.

Picture the scenes, arriving at your luxury villa with your squad for the week, indulging in kickass experiences from White Water Rafting to snorkelling with a private yacht party. Day trips to breathtaking locations around the island will give you a taste of everything that Bali has to offer and each evening you’ll be able to reside back in one of our amazing villas which you’ll call home for the week. During all of this you’ll be making amazing memories with new friends along the way! We can’t think of a better way to have an unforgettable summer in 2021 than with The Luxè Week.

Which is why we want to reward you for booking a Luxè Week early so you don’t go through the disappointment of missing out!

1. Secure your preferred week:
We understand that when it comes to holidays, dates that work around your schedule are everything. So with us, when you do book early you’ll secure the week that suits you best! Tickets are limited to 100 people on each week so if there is a particular week that you want to join you'll want to be quick in securing your space.

2. Have first pick on villas:
If you're a group of 5 or more we’re sure you’re eyeing up the villa you want to stay in during your week. All we’re saying is don’t be the group that misses out on their ideal villa because once the villas gone, it’s gone! Our best villas sell out in minutes so make sure you've secured that 1 hour priority access for when bookings open on February 12th.


3. Room bookings are limited:

Coming by yourself or in a group of less than 5? We now let you book a room in one of our villas, whilst matching you with other cool likeminded Luxè Weekers to help fill up the villa. However, these places are limited so you'll want to be quick to ensure that you don't miss out!

4. Spread out your payment plan:

Paying upfront for a whole holiday can be a quite demanding which is why we have partnered with so now booking early allows you to spread out instalments across a longer timeframe. To create a payment plan simply select 'Pay with' at checkout. We require a minimum deposit of 20% and the full payment to be made 60 days prior to arrival. The rest is up to you - you can split your payments up as you like.

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