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April 06, 2020 2 min read

Ubud, the beating heart of Bali. Known for its traditional arts and craft industry, Ubud has blossomed into a town full of activities throughout the year. Whether it be the lush rice fields, tropical rainforests home to the Long-tailed Balinese monkeys, or the bustling Yoga retreats that are run from the best teachers in Bali, which really means the world! Ubud is a place not to miss out when you come to Bali for your holiday no matter if you're a solo traveller or you want a more luxury holiday, Ubud caters for all! So, find out about all the places I went to in A day in Ubud and try it for yourself.
09:00am - Tegallalang Rice Terrace
The perfect way to start the day exploring the pristine rice fields of Ubud. You’ll be able to walk through the terraces and take the same iconic pictures you see on your Instagram feed. Choose from a range of cafes overlooking the rice fields for breakfast. I recommend Uma Dunga restaurant who serve a delicious Red Star fruit bowl! But there's no need to plan going here if you’re part of Luxe Week as the rice terrace will be part of the Ubud day trip. Don’t you worry, The Luxe Week have everything covered ;).
14:30pm - Monkey Forest Ubud
I wanted to save the best till last on my day trip. There’s a reason the Monkey Forest is one of the most visited attractions in Ubud. Maybe it’s their curiosity or simply their physical features that seems to encapsulate tourists, but one thing is for sure I really understood the term ‘cheeky monkey’ after going here! And even if you don’t like to see the monkeys, the park itself is a big rainforest and a beautiful walk that lets you escape the buzzing town life.
And the Monkey Forest is where my day finished. But there's plenty of other things to do that I just couldn't fit in all one day. Which is one of the reasons we started up The Luxe Week, so people could experience the very best bits of Bali in a week-long holiday.

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