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June 02, 2020 2 min read

Travelling solo or with a friend may be one of the most pronounced experiences one may experience in a lifetime. A journey of self-discovery, confidence building, and endless memories 💫

The Luxè Week makes solo travelling safer, easier and more fun than ever before!

In this blog, we’ll be exploring why The Luxè Week is so popular amongst travellers wanting to experience tropical Bali 🌴

 1. Meeting new people couldn’t be easier!

Travelling solo and concerned about feeling lonely? Travelling with a friend and worried you guys might not meet others? Then worry no further.

The Luxè Week is the easiest way to meet new people and effortlessly make everlasting friendships while on holiday.


You’ll get to experience an exclusive villa with likeminded people from around the world. Our villas are the perfect blend of social space, luxury living, and privacy (If needed).

We’ll ask you a few simple questions beforehand to make sure your villa buddies are compatible and share the same holiday goals as you.

Rock up to all events as a crew 😎. Together we experience new activities, the best beach clubs, insane parties, and so much more, bringing everyone closer. 

Here’s what a fellow Luxè Weekers had to say 👇 

“Villa was so good had the best holiday with the Luxe Week and met such a good group of people!! Would definitely recommend and will deffo be coming back!! ”

2. We’ve done the planning for you! + Safety

You want the ultimate experience on your holiday right? I mean who wouldn’t?

To do so requires endless google searches looking for the best places to go, reading countless reviews and so on.

The problem is, who has time for that stuff? And most of the information is either outdated or just wrong.

🚨Don’t risk your holiday!🚨

The Luxe Week has a team dedicated just to keep up with the latest trends in Bali.

Booking a Luxè Week means you’ll really be experiencing Bali at its best! We’ve partnered with only the best beach clubs. The best pool parties. The best activities. The best private yachts. Walking into a venue with The Luxè Week means you’ll get exclusive VIP treatment 🍾🥂

 Your safety is our No.1 priority.

Safety might be one of your concerns about travelling solo. Bail has a good reputation for being safe. But for that extra touch of comfort enjoy airport pick up and drop off, villa security, and Staff on call 24/7 👌

 3. A luxury experience without the cost $!

 Often travelling solo means compromising luxury and missing out on experiences. Booking a whole luxury villa, yacht, private areas in beach clubs, are all very costly 😒.

Above are the 3 reasons why you should join the Luxè Week as a solo traveller or a pair.

Your holiday of a lifetime awaits!

“We travel not to escape life but for life not to escape us’ - Sigmund Freud

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